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  • 08/14
    My daughter loves her new glasses.
    My daughter loves her new glasses.. Would recommend
    Ms geraldine
  • 08/13
    Great service and price
    Quick Delivery once processed Very happy with sunglasses, good quality and polarised is great
  • 08/10
    Pleasant experience
    Pleasant experience. Got what I paid for quickly and without any delay. Highly recommend.
    Maxine Weatherilt
  • 08/10
    Perfect product,
    Perfect product,
  • 08/09
    Bought my second pair of eyeglasses…
    Bought my second pair of eyeglasses from this site, very happy with the purchase and the aftercare. I felt the glasses sat a little crookedly on my face and they sent me a video how to correct this and they are perfect now.
    Keith Lee
  • 08/06
    good service
    Glasses came as described
  • 08/05
    Excellent service and products.
    Excellent service and products.
    Steve Meyler
  • 08/05
    Fast delivery and just as ordered.
    Fast delivery and just as ordered.
    Keith Hailstone
  • 08/04
    Prices were great
    Prices were great. I like the 3d scan and preview of glasses. Also came 5 days earlier than predicted delivery time.
    Richard Quinn
  • 08/02
    Great service
    The website itself is a bit clumsy with unexpected pop up's but serviceable. The physical part of the service (frames/lenses, order speed and easy to track etc.) is over and beyond expectations. THANKS A LOT, guys.
    Dublin lad
  • 08/01
    Prescription Sunglasses
    Very happy with my purchase. Website very easy to negotiate. Prompt delivery. Looking at another pair already!
    Tony Molloy
  • 08/01
    Excellent lenses and frames
    I have bought multiple glasses from Smartbuy and love all of them. I adjust well and they are excellent value for money. What I will say is allow the longest delivery time as unless you pay for the express delivery they do take 2/3 weeks. Their customer service team are excellent
  • 08/01
    Good service, good product
    Ordered Prada glasses and was very happy with the purchase. Communicated regularly with me and delivered ahead of schedule. Would recommend and would use them again.
  • 07/31
    Excellent, totally recommend this supplier.
    Raymond Kelly
  • 07/30
    WileyX frames with prescription lenses
    I recently purchased prescription sunglasses with Wiley X frames and was nervous about spending a large amount online and being unable to try the glasses first. I contacted SmartBuy on email and they answered all my questions quickly and comprehensively. For me they were the best price and the customer service was fantastic. I am delighted with my purchase and would highly recommend
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Glasses can be an important accessory in just about anyone’s collection. They help correct vision problems, add to the cosmetic value of your outfit, and even protect your eyes against particles and harmful light rays. At SmartBuyGlasses, we have a huge collection of quality glasses. From Arnette, Gucci, and Ray-Bans to Wayfarer and Michael Kors options, you can be sure to find a brand that will suit your needs and fit into your lifestyle. The best part is that our glasses go at a range of prices meaning you can find something that is just below €10 or a high-end pair that can cost well over €200.

Types of Glasses Available

There are different types of glasses available for you to buy online and here is a list of some of the most popular.
Prescription glasses Prescription glasses are fabricated to answer a special need. They are used to correct vision problems that may include shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Optometrists often run several tests to determine why an individual may be experiencing vision problems. The professionals then diagnose the issue and prescribe the right lenses to correct the complication. There are a variety of lenses that can be used in vision correction and eye protection. Below are a few examples.
Aspheric lenses - these are among the most popular of lenses because they are relatively affordable, can be quite thin in profile and give a sleek outlook to the wearer. They offer sharper peripheral vision when compared to conventional lenses. These lenses are commonly prescribed for individuals with hyperopia.
High-index plastic lenses -these lenses are quite thin and lightweight when compared to conventional plastic lenses. They are effective in blocking out the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They can bend light properly and by so doing they help correct vision problems.
Wavefront technology lenses - these glasses are often fabricated based on the exact way light travels through an individual's eyes. The result is that the user gets tremendous improvement when it comes to vision clarity.
Photochromic lenses - these lenses are quite unique because they tend to get darker in bright light but become clearer as the intensity of light reduces. This ensures that your eyes do not receive a sudden burst of light that can cause poor vision. The lenses are often used to protect against UV rays from the sun.
Polycarbonate and trivex lenses - these lensesare quite thin and lightweight. However, they are almost 10 times stronger than regular lenses making them the ideal pick for people who are extremely active including young children.
Computer glasses Computer glasses are worn over the eyes to provide protection rather than to correct a problem with vision. Individuals that spend a considerable amount of time in front of a laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer screen often expose their eyes to bright light or to be more specific, blue light. This light travels directly to the back of the eyes and can lead to macular degeneration. To prevent such an unfortunate incident, opticians recommend that individuals wear a pair of computer glasses every time they are looking at the screen. These glasses help users view the screen clearly and prevent blue light from causing any damage to the eyes.
Safety glasses Safety glasses are toughened up to protect people who work with power tools or industrial and laboratory equipment. Construction workers and welders are among the people that may need to protect their eyes from debris, bright light and other loose particles that may otherwise penetrate the eyes. A lot of safety glasses feature an enclosed design to ensure that the area surrounding the eyes is completely sealed. Particular types of safety glasses can be used in different sports including hunting, shooting, archery, skiing, swimming and cycling.
Sunglasses Sunglasses can also be referred to by a variety of names including shades, sunnies, glints, glares, sun-shades, spekkies and dark glasses. These glasses are primarily designed to protect against the sun’s bright light and ultraviolet rays. Of course, shades can also protect against particles to a certain extent. The colours of sunglasses often vary which is why you may want to be keen on what each colour has to offer. Gray and green - lenses with these colours are considered neutral because they tend to maintain true colours. Brown - sunglasses with brown lenses can distort colours but generally increase contrast. Turquoise - sunglasses with this colour increase contrast without necessarily causing too much colour distortion. They are often recommended for medium to high light conditions. Yellow - glasses with yellow lenses tend to be optimum for object definition but can allow for harsh visible light. They are commonly worn by people who engage in activities such as skiing, boating, hunting and pilots. Blue or purple - glasses with these colours tend to increase the contrast of orange objects against green backgrounds. That is why they are quite common with shooters or hunters.
Cosmetic glasses Cosmetic glasses in Ireland are designed to complement your overall outlook and style. They are accessories that improve your physical appearance and nothing more. Of course, some cosmetic glasses can double up as sunglasses and may offer a certain level of protection against particles but those are secondary benefits. Their lenses can be made using glass or plastic but the lenses do not have any magnifying properties and do not affect your vision in any way.

What to Consider When Picking the Best Glasses

Here are just some of the most important things for you to consider when selecting the right glasses for yourself or a loved one.
Frame materials There are different frame materials for you to choose from with each one offering its own unique benefits. Metal frames - these can be quite sturdy and durable. They are usually designed to be slim and stylish. Some examples of metals that can be used to make frames include aluminium, beryllium and monel. Wood frames - these frames are quite unique and stylish. They are lightweight and environmentally friendly which is why they are a top pick for people who wish to stay green. Plastic frames - these are quite common because plastic is readily available throughout the world. Plastic frames are quite versatile which is why they can be used to design cosmetic, safety, prescription glasses and sunglasses. Titanium frames - frames that are made of titanium are quite tough and resistant to corrosion. They are light which is why some people believe they help reduce headaches that may be caused by heavier frames. Bones and horns - buffalo horn and certain types of animal bones can make for a unique pair of glasses. These materials are quite rare and are more popular with people that want to stand out.
The size Glasses that are too small may end up feeling uncomfortable while those that are too large may end up slipping down to your nose. Opticians often carry out different measurements to arrive at the perfect fit for each customer.
The shape of glasses The frame shape together with the shape of the lenses can determine how awesome a pair of glasses look on you. Individuals with oval-shaped faces can wear a variety of glasses and still look good. However, if you have a heart-shaped face, you may want to go for rectangular, aviator or round glasses. Triangle-shaped faces match with browline and oval glasses while diamond-shaped faces go well with square and classic wayframe glasses. Use the virtual try-on feature on the SmartBuyGlasses website to upload your photo and try different types of glasses to determine the one the perfect pair for your face.
The user Some glasses are made to suit different types of people. To start with, you can choose glasses for men, women or kids. There are also unisex glasses that can work for both men and women.
The cost Whether you have a limited budget or have enough to spend on the most luxurious of glasses, you must ensure that the product you are getting conforms to the highest standards of quality. With SmartBuyGlasses, you can rest assured that all our glasses are durable and stylish enough to turn heads. Our products range from budget-friendly options to some of the most luxurious glasses on the market.

Tips for Caring for Your Glasses

Use the following tips to ensure your glasses remain in good condition over the long term.

● Always store your glasses in a sturdy case away from the reach of children

● Clean your glasses regularly using a soft microfibre cloth

● Use both hands when taking off your glasses

● Clean both the lenses and frames to ensure exceptional hygiene

● Check screws regularly and tighten then in case any comes loose

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