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Daily Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

Whether you’re new to contacts or have been wearing them for years, chances are you’ve considered switching to disposable daily lenses. Daily disposables offer several advantages over other lenses, such as bi-weekly or monthly, including convenience, comfort and safety. 


How long can you keep daily contact lenses in?

Many daily contact lenses are classified as daily disposal contact lenses, meaning that after you remove them in the evening and throw them away, you should not use them the next day. 


Daily contact lenses promote good eye health, as they are single-use only. This eliminates the risk of any eye infections as each new pair will be sterile day after day. If you’re wondering, can I wear my daily contacts for 2 days? The answer is no! Daily contact lenses must be discarded every day.


What are the best daily contact lenses?

Choosing the best daily contact lenses for you can be daunting, as numerous options are available in the UK. But with careful research, analysis and consideration of your unique needs, you can find the daily contacts that suit you best. 


Your eye doctor will recommend you the best option for your eye health and lifestyle. At SmartBuyGlasses, we stock daily reusable lenses, daily toric lenses for astigmatism, daily multifocal contacts for presbyopia, daily colour contact lenses and daily ortho-k lenses. 


How much are daily contact lenses?

Daily contact lenses are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to quickly switch up your look from your regular glasses, as well as maintain great eye health. Prices vary depending on the quality and coloured daily contact lenses are usually more expensive than those without pigment. If you are unsure which brand is best for you, our contact lens brand guide could be helpful.


Shop for Contact Lenses online at SmartBuyGlasses with ease. You can also learn more about how we help our customers make the most informed decision when choosing the right contact lenses for their needs at our Optical Center. What are you waiting for? Stock up and save on contact lenses today!