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SmartBuy Kids Glasses

Buying the perfect pair of kids glasses can be extremely hard. With our SmartBuy Kids Collection, you will have a lot of options to choose from. When there are so many different materials and shapes to choose from, it can be hard to find the best one. At our online store, you do not have to worry about it, we give you all the tools to find exactly what you have been looking for. You can use our filters to navigate through the over 350 glasses online available on our website and find the perfect pair of eyewear for your child. Affordability and quality are assured with the SmartBuy Kids collection.

Kids Glasses Online: SmartBuy Kids 

Our exclusive budget collection offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality frames for young customers. On our online shelves, you can find kids' round glasses, children's sports glasses as well as kids’ blue light glasses. At SmartBuyGlasses Ireland you can purchase high-quality kid’s eyewear for only €12.50.  Explore our website and let your children try on all their favourite glasses using our 3D Virtual Try-On tool. Have fun and take pictures of your kids trying on all their favourite models from the comfort of your own house. At SmartBuyGlasses we are sure that you will find what you have been looking for and much more. Have fun using our 3D Virtual Try-On tool and make sure to buy the best pair of kid’s glasses. All you need to do is record a 5-second video of your son/daughter to then be able to let him/her try on all the best models available on our amazing online store in just a few clicks. Trying kids' glasses online has never been so easy and fun.

Kids Prescription Glasses

To help you navigate through our wide range of single and varifocal prescription glasses we have a few easy tips and things to think about when looking for the ideal pair of eyewear for your kid. Firstly, it is particularly important to get a thorough eye exam performed by a  pediatric  eye doctor to get the perfect prescription. This then determines the right type of eyeglasses for their needs. Only after that, you will be able to add the prescription online and proceed with the checkout. In terms of frames, both plastic and metal (wire) are durable and suitable for children’s eyewear. Nowadays, many eyewear designers have begun to replicate adult glasses designs into kid’s glasses. That means you may even be able to find a mini version of your favourite pair of eyeglasses for your son or daughter.  The lens material is also particularly important to take into consideration for kid’s eyeglasses. After you have found the perfect frames, the next step is choosing the lenses. When it comes to children’s glasses frames, polycarbonate lenses are the best choice. These types of lenses are durable, scratch-resistant and offer excellent optics. Polycarbonate lenses also protect your child against harmful UV radiation and can be customized for any eye prescription.

Kids Blue Light Glasses

Children spend time in front of electronic devices for many different reasons including gaming, studying, and leisure. That is why you should consider buying blue light blocking glasses for kids. Computer glasses for kids can block out harmful blue light rays emitted by LED screens, so you will not have to stress about the blue light's negative effects on your child's sleep schedule or overall health. Have a look at all the options available on our website and choose the perfect pair of blue light blocking glasses for your kids. You can also customize all the models available on our website with zFORT®, a blue light blocking technology that helps to block blue light wavelengths (between 380 nm and 500 nm).

Kids Fun Glasses: Our Team Favourites 

SmartBuy Kids' glasses collection showcases a wide selection of shapes and colours, including the fashionable Alissa glasses. Available in seven different colours this model is the perfect choice for your child's new prescription glasses. This oval full rim model can be customized with premium lenses to assure your kid a perfect vision. Shop it now to enjoy a 2-year warranty.


These Phakie glasses frame in acetate are perfect for an active and fun child who likes sports. This frame is comfortable and stylish. The Phakie model is available on our website in black, pink, purple and mattered. SmartBuy Kids Phakie has a 24-month warranty.


Have fun trying on the Eleonor model from the SmartBuy Kids collection using our Virtual Try-On tool now. Record a 5-second video of your kid and have fun with him/her trying all the models available on our website. This tool will help you and your kids choose the perfect new pair of eyewear. The Eleanor squared plastic frame is available on our website in more than seven colours, you just need to find your child favourite.

Optical Centre 

To help you find a suitable pair of eyeglasses for your children at SmartBuyGlasses we give you the opportunity to speak with a professional optician via the “Ask The Optician” tool available on the optical center page. Our in-house opticians are fully prepared and happy to help you with any doubts about your kid’s glasses. Explore the optical center page and read useful and interesting articles about children's eye care. For further questions about eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses you can always get in touch with our friendly customer service using the online virtual chat feature. Drop them a message and ask them as many questions as you want. Our customer service agents are fast, professional, and offer the best solutions.