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Varifocal Glasses

What Are Multifocal Lenses?

Multifocal lenses are designed to correct multiple vision impediments. Therefore, a pair of varifocal prescription glasses with multifocal lenses can be used for correcting your distance, intermediate, and nearsighted requirements. This means that the top of the varifocal lens is adjusted for distance vision, and gradually diminishes in power towards the bottom, which is adapted for reading or other “close up” tasks, like using your phone or writing.

Progressive Lenses vs Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are the traditional version of progressive lenses. These classic types of lenses were used to correct only two eye prescriptions at the time, and so were called ‘bifocal lenses’. Bifocal lenses were easy to recognize because they had a line dividing the lens in half, with the upper part for distance vision, and the lower half for near vision. For many years, bifocals were judged not pretty and could even be more expensive than two separate pairs of eyeglasses. Wearers also suffered from “image jump” when their focus flickered between the two halves of the lens. The new multifocal lens (also known as "no-line bifocals" or "no-line trifocals") got rid of this uncomfortable jump by adding a smooth and consistent gradient. Therefore, multifocal lenses are also sometimes called “varifocal” lenses, because they offer all the benefits of the old bifocal or classical lenses without the problems and cosmetic drawbacks.



Types of Progressive Glasses

There are several different kinds of progressive lenses that are suited to different people, depending on your specific visual needs and lifestyle.  On our website, you can decide to add standard lenses and many other types to your fantastic new pair of varifocal glasses. Multifocal standard lenses are usually suggested for those who need help with reading. This is because the lens allows the most space for the near-sighted part of the lens. If this is not what you are looking for, we also have the option to add a progressive lens with what’s known as a short corridor. Unlike the standard lens, this one diminishes the space given to nearsightedness. This makes the overall lens smaller, and therefore able to fit in every shape of eyewear. So, you can choose the most eccentric frames out there, without worrying about your prescription fitting in. Since all of us are spending a lot of time in front of our electronic devices the demand for computer varifocal lenses has grown substantially. These varifocal lenses give the largest space to intermediate vision, which is very useful for those working at a laptop all day. If this sounds like you, do not miss the opportunity to add our zFORT®  blue light filter to the lenses to protect yourself from digital eye strain now. The last option that we offer for varifocal lenses is called Arise Hd-Prescription. These multifocal lenses give you a wide corridor to provide as clear a vision as possible. The fact that it is digitally surfaced also gives it a superior quality lens. At SmartBuyGlasses Ireland we also have a wide range of varifocal contact lenses to have you covered for every occasion and experience. 

Varifocal Glasses Problems And Benefits 

If you choose to wear progressive lenses, comfort and perfect vision are assured. By having the seamless blend of prescription on all the lenses it can also ease headaches or disorientation that used to come with more old-fashioned bifocal lenses, where the lenses were divided in two. If you spend a lot of hours in front of a digital screen wearing progressive lenses for PC use will improve your daily comfort. Additionally, by having all your vision correction needs met in one set of lenses, your day-to-day life will become easier, as you are not constantly having to carry around several pairs of glasses. One of the disadvantages of varifocal glasses is that it takes some time to get used to wearing progressive lenses. It is quite normal that varifocal lenses make you dizzy while adjusting to them. The first few weeks it can be confusing to do things that require a precise sense of depth perception like climbing the stairs. Another disadvantage of varifocal lenses is that varifocal lenses are more expensive than standard lenses.

Our Favourite Prescription Glasses Online

These Kensington glasses from SmartBuy Collection are the perfect pick if you want to add glasses standard lenses to help you read small texts. Well-crafted for durable and daily use this model is very affordable and stylish. You can shop this model on our website in brown, tortoise and purple. Buy it now and enjoy a 24-month warranty on lenses.


You can choose a browline shape model like Ray-Ban Clubmaster with premium multifocal lenses to get  perfect vision without having to compromise on style. This iconic shape is perfect with every outfit and will never go out of style. Choose from over 20 different frame colours and enjoy our best price guarantee on all designer glasses. 


This Tom Ford FT5401 model ushers a traditional design but with contemporary twists. This durable model has been created out of high-quality materials using the most modern technological equipment in the eye world. They also feature the elegant letter "T" decoration along with the non-slip temples and flexible optical hinges. The integrated nose pads, however, can easily adjust to many nose bridges to provide a steady fit.