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Grey lens color Serengeti Sunglasses

Founded in 1985, Serengeti initially was looking to invent a system integrated in the car which was aimed at optimizing visibility for car drivers. They then thought of achieving the same result through sunglasses that the drivers would wear in the car. Since then, relying on fine and precise American craftsmanship, Serengeti driver sunglasses are specifically designed to provide both optimal sun protection and clarity for drivers. The sunglasses are also tailored to changing road conditions to ensure a safe driving experience.

The Serengeti brand invented the innovative photochromatic lenses to protect against harsh UV rays from the sun. Today, this efficient technique is integrated by many other brands. Each pair of Serengeti polarized sunglasses adapts automatically to the amount of light it is exposed to and adjusts the density of its tints accordingly. The lenses will darken in sunny environments and will lighten in darker contexts, to protect the eyes in one case and provide a clearer vision in the other.

Another advanced technology must also be added to the company’s credit: the cutting-edge Spectral Filter technology, which filters colors in the visible light spectrum. This invention enables Serengeti sunglasses to enhance red, green, and yellow colours to render traffic lights more visible to the driver. Prescription Serengeti sunglasses using Carl Zeiss lenses are also available for drivers with special eye care needs, including single vision, glass, Polar PhD, or progressive glasses. All these options considerably foster safety for drivers on the road without compromising on style.

For instance, featuring full-rimmed gunmetal frames with rectangle lenses, the popular unisex Serengeti Velocity 7273 Sunglasses come in four stylish colors like Espresso, Gold, and Silver and look simply stunning on. The Serengeti Small Aviator-Style 7095 Sunglasses in Champagne will give you a James Bond 007 look. The shades are ultra-lightweight and flexible and are designed to comfortably embrace to the contours of your face. For an everyday-wear option, the Serengeti Luigi 7381 Sunglasses is an ideal pair that is versatile enough.

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