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How to remove scratches from prescription glasses

So, you’ve got a pesky scratch on the lens of your glasses and you’re wondering to yourself ‘can you fix scratched glasses?’. At a quick glance online, it seems as though there is a selection of easy methods for removing scratches from glasses at your disposal... too easy. When it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is! The reality is that these methods are much more likely to cause further damage than to help repair scratched glasses.


How to clean scratched glasses

Some of the DIY suggestions for removing scratches from glasses that you can find online include some common household items like toothpaste, baking soda, and even furniture polish. One of the major issues with these fixes is that they all rely on the abrasive nature of the chemicals found in these items.


Removing scratches from glasses using any of these ideas not only puts you at risk of damaging any special lens coatings, but also has the potential to alter the shape of your lenses. Remember that the whole function of your prescription lenses is to provide you with the necessary adjustments to see life clearly! If you alter the lenses even slightly, it would affect the functionality of your prescription glasses irreversibly, leaving you in a worse position than before.



Are scratches on my glasses bad for my eyes?

It might be tempting to put up with the inconvenience and try to look past the scratch, both literally and figuratively. Despite the fact you may believe it won't be bothersome enough to draw your attention away from whatever your focus is, wearing scratched glasses can be as frustrating as having something stuck in one of your eyes! 


Scratches on glasses lenses catch the light at certain angles drawing your eye to the inconsistency for example. The inability to repair scratched glasses is not just a nuisance though, it can also lead to problems. Due to the fact scratched lenses do not allow you to see clearly with an unobstructed view, your eyes become tired and tense from trying to focus on the object you are looking at, resulting in headaches. With the developments in knowledge surrounding eye health, it is more important than ever to look after your eyes, just take the example of the increasing demand for blue light glasses.



Can scratches on glasses be removed by a professional?

Unfortunately, going to an optician or optometrist will get you no closer to removing scratches from prescription glasses. When a lens is damaged in such a way, the lens coating, as well as the damage to the lens itself, is permanent and no amount of expertise will get you closer to a solution. The best option is to get your lenses replaced, and then take necessary precautions going forward. 



How to replace lenses in glasses?

When replacing your lenses, it is imperative to consider which types of features best match your lifestyle. The Arise HD Lenses have multiple options for coatings that can help prevent you from arriving at the point of searching how to remove scratches from glasses. As well as coatings, you can also consider helpful features like transition® lenses for added functionality. 


How to prevent scratches on glasses

When on the topic of how to prevent scratches from glasses, it is not only a good idea to take a look at lens coatings as mentioned above, but also consider the steps you can take for ongoing care and avoidance of future damage. You should avoid leaving your glasses in the car in warm climates, a common error, as heat can destroy scratch-resistant layers, leaving your lenses at risk of damage without protection. A hard storage case is an ideal way to prevent scratches on glasses.


The last essential tool for preventing scratched lenses is to have the correct material cloth for cleaning. Not a tissue, not the corner of your shirt, but a microfiber cloth is the very best option. Alongside a purpose-specific lens spray, you can take the best care of your new lenses and evade reliving your mistakes. 


As enticing as the easy DIY methods may seem, there is no way to resolve this issue at home and you run a real risk of damaging your scratched glasses even more. As outlined above, the only real and concrete solution is to replace your lenses and protect your glasses with all the necessary steps. Check out our range of stylish designer eyeglasses and see which one is perfect for you!


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