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Etnia Barcelona Glasses

Etnia Barcelona is an art-inspired eyewear brand that uses natural acetate and minerals to create designs that are truly unique. Etnia Barcelona’s foundation was laid in 2003 by David Pellicer who aimed to create eyewear that serves as an expression of personality and art. Today, Etnia Barcelona’s unique style has made it a premium brand, appealing to audiences who know how to appreciate art in all its forms.

Etnia Barcelona Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Various elements serve as artistic influences for Etnia Barcelona’s eyeglasses. For instance, the brand’s ”City” collection was inspired by different cities around the world including Paris, Tokyo, and New York. Etnia Barcelona has also collaborated with various artists including Nobuyoshi Araki and Jean-Michel Basquiat to design unique frames inspired by their art. 

Etnia Barcelona’s frames are made of natural acetate while the lenses are made of minerals. These natural materials ensure that the wearer is comfortable. The style of the frame is inspired by different forms of art and artistic elements that make it unique and desirable to audiences who see glasses as an expression of personality. 

You can see a wide variety of colours in Etnia Brcelon’s collection this season. This includes coral colours like brown and blue and bright colours light red and yellow. If you’re someone who loves artistic expression, you can browse through the Etnia Barcelona collection on SmartBuy. When you shop online, you can even use the virtual try-on feature to see how each frame’s shape and colour look on your face. When you’re ordering, you can customise the lenses according to your prescription number too.