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    Clip-On Glasses

    Clip-on glasses are a simple and inexpensive solution to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing your eyesight. They work just as effectively as “real” sunglasses but have the added benefit of keeping your prescription glasses on at the same time. People love clip-on glasses as an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.


    What are clip-on glasses?

    Clip-on glasses are available in a variety of tints, styles and dimensions, coupled with the option for different UV protection and lens coatings. The two darkened lenses, connected by a bridge for your nose, attach to your usual prescription eyeglasses with clips or magnets rather than whole frames.


    Glasses with clip-on sunglasses are just as good as "real" sunglasses if they fit properly — that is, if they are the same size and shape as your regular glasses.


    Are magnetic clip-on glasses safe?

    Magnetic clip-on glasses have a design to suit any frame using magnetic lens stacking technology. They simply utilize a small magnetic component that fits your existing frames, which allows you to place your clip-on glasses over your prescription and easily change the lenses.


    Clip-on glasses have small magnets that do not cause harm while worn. There are no reports of any detrimental health effects from the magnets used in clip-on glasses, so you can feel safe while enjoying the practicality of these clever sunglasses alternatives. There have even been some stories about the benefits of wearing a magnet on a piece of jewellery!


    How are clip-on glasses measured?

    Measure across the front of one of your prescription lenses with a tape measure to determine the size of the clip-on glasses you need. Make sure the clip-on glasses size you choose is at least as big as your lens measurement. Otherwise, they won't provide enough protection for your eyes.

    Love the idea of clip-on glasses but prefer to have a product that does it all in one? Check out our range of photochromic lenses!

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