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    Asian Fit Glasses

    If your eyewear constantly touches your cheeks or hits your eyelashes, it's time to try Asian fit glasses frames, also known as low bridge glasses.


    It's worth noting that, even though the label suggests that Asian fit glasses and Asian fit sunglasses are exclusively for Asians, this is not the case. Wearing Asian fit glasses can help people with flat noses and high cheekbones of any ethnicity.


    What are Asian fitting glasses?

    You’ve heard the term, but what does Asian Fit mean? Asian fit glasses include wider nose pads to ensure they rest securely on your nose and don't sit too close to your eyes or touch your eyelashes.


    Asian fit glasses frames have a different frame size and have shorter, broader and slightly angled lenses. These features keep the glasses from rubbing against your cheek and create space between your face and the lenses. You'll lessen the likelihood of your glasses fogging up by moving them further away from your face, which is a common complaint among glasses wearers.


    With a broader and slightly curved frame, Asian fit glasses are ideal for rounder and pronounced heart face shapes. It prevents the glasses from feeling too tight at the temples or sitting too high on your face.


    Asian fit glasses vs regular

    On the other hand, regular fit means what you would imagine –  straight temple arms and fixed nose pads for the fit you have likely worn for years. This fit is better suited for people with high or more pronounced nose bridges and is readily available from retailers. 


    Glasses are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Low bridge glasses help relieve the tightness at the sides of the head and ensure your glasses won’t slip. 

    Find yourself relating to a lot of these points? The only thing left to do is try out our Virtual Try-On tool and choose your favourite style of Asian fit glasses today!