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    Gold Glasses

    Gold rimmed glasses are a popular style that is loved for their timeless aesthetic. Year after year, they are part of the top eyewear trends, and every indication shows they will continue to be indefinitely beloved. Our gold glasses create a fashionable, attention-grabbing look that is stylish, bold and guaranteed to turn heads. 


    You can shop our excellent collection of gold eyeglasses with the confidence that you are getting an authentic product with a 100-day return policy. We make sure your shopping experience with us is a breeze, so finding new gold glasses online has never been easier!


    Is gold a good colour for glasses?

    Gold frame glasses are perfect if you want to achieve a  polished and stylish look. Glistening gold frame glasses help brighten your face and boost your style, whether you wear them to improve your eyesight, as blue light glasses or simply as a fashion piece.


    Gold glasses look best on people with warmth to their skin. Warm undertones appear yellow in colour on fairer complexion and more golden on a deeper skin tone. However, if you think you could pull off gold glasses, nothing is stopping you! It is an entirely personal decision, so we provide a Virtual Try-On tool so you can judge for yourself by seeing the glasses on a selfie!


    How to clean gold-rimmed glasses

    Depending on the state of the gold glasses, you may be able to clean them by simply running the frames under warm water and gently wiping them with a soft cloth. However, sometimes you may require a deeper clean. Many people recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner for gold glasses, like those commonly used to clean jewellery and other precious metal pieces.

    Don't wait any longer to shine with gold glasses! See our choices from brands such as SmartBuy Collection, Ray-Ban and Gucci!

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