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Our Spring Hinge Selection

On our website, you can find more than 1500 frames with a spring hinge. Find more about the pros and cons of wearing spring hinge glasses. When you purchase new eyewear it is very important to consider many factors. For instance, you can choose to focus on durability, style, comfort, or price.  At SmartBuyGlasses you can have it all! On our online store, you can find a wide range of affordable and stylish models crafted with top quality materials. Explore our website and find the right pair of glasses for you. We have over 180 designer brands as well as our exclusive SmartBuy collection. There is almost too much to choose from on our amazing online store. 

Screw Hinge

The majority of glasses frames feature a screw hinge, often referred to as a standard or barrel hinge. These hinges have been around almost as long as glasses have been and they have a reputation for being simple to repair. You can find some tips here on how to repair them at home.  Frames with this feature are easy to close, durable and affordable. Unfortunately, traditional hinges tend to be more rigid. If you are a very active person, these types of hinges are not the best for you. Glasses with a screw hinge are better for the office rather than the gym.


Spring Hinge

Spring hinge glasses look quite similar to the traditional screw hinge and the arms fold in and out the same way. However, eyeglasses with this feature have more flexible glasses frames when they reach a ninety-degree angle. They can open further out to become wider than glasses that have screw hinges. Glasses with a spring hinge are generally considered more comfortable. Spring hinges are the perfect pick if you are a very active person, and you don’t want glasses that slide off while you are exercising. The spring itself gets most of the power when the glasses bend and twist, allowing this kind of hinge to retain its initial balance and fit without the need for subsequent adjusting. On the other hand, Spring hinges are difficult to fix. If your spring eyeglass hinges break, you may need to visit your local optician to have them fixed. If you purchased glasses with proprietary hinge technology, returning them to the manufacturer is the best option.


Our Favourite Spring Hinge Models

The Arise Collective Coatesville C3 Blue-Light Block YC-21059 is the perfect pick if you are looking for a new pair of comfortable computer glasses. This model comes with blue filters, however, you can also choose to upgrade by adding premium lenses, with optional tints and coatings. Choose this frame with a spring hinge now and be the most stylish person on your next Zoom call.


These VGV942C eyeglasses from the luxury brand Givenchy are perfect for both women and men thanks to their classic and sophisticated silhouette. These spring hinge glasses are available in many different colours. Try them on using our amazing "3D virtual try-on" technology now and pick the best colour to mech with your outfits. Shop this model with our best price guarantee at SmartBuyGlasses. 


SmartBuy Collection Merijean eyeglasses come with durable plastic glasses frames and it is perfect if you are looking for flexible glasses. Add your prescription to this model and enjoy high quality and cheap lenses. Do it now and enjoy ready-to-wear premium stylish new glasses. Most of our lenses have a special advanced coating which renders them anti-glare and scratch-resistant. This particular product features a purple frame paired with standard lenses and comes with an exceptional 2-year warranty. You can find this model in six different colours on our amazing online store.


Spring Hinge Prescription Glasses

Choose a model with spring hinges for your new pair of prescription glasses. This feature makes the glasses way more comfortable, and we are sure that that is what you want for your prescription glasses. The Arise HD Clarity Collection is the best opportunity to purchase high-quality prescription lenses online without breaking the bank. At SmartBuyGlasses we give you the incredible opportunity to choose from a large selection of frames, models, and colours at a competitive price without having to compromise on lens quality. When it comes to your vision, there is no space for mistakes. Our lenses are suitable for all vision impediments and can be customised to your every need and desire. Buy your new spring hinge prescription glasses now. 


How to Fix Glasses Arm Hinge

Yes, you can indeed, and we will tell you how. Depending on the severity of the damage, barrel and spring hinges can be swapped. Spring hinges, especially types with proprietary technology, may require a visit to the optician, or returning the glasses to the manufacturer for replacement hinges if the warranty allows. The screw glasses hinge is frequently described as the most durable type of hinge, simply because it is very easy to fix. You can find the parts and tools in a pharmacy or at your local optician and then watch an online tutorial to do it yourself.  For any other questions about hinges, you can get in touch with our optician thanks to the “ask the optician” feature available on our website. To learn more about eyecare you can also visit our optical centre page where you can find very interesting articles about the eyewear world. You can also use our live chat service to ask our agents any questions about our best price guarantee of your glasses and the timing for repairs and replacements.