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    Wraparound Glasses

    Wraparound glasses are ideal for anyone looking for adventure. They offer a different benefit to regular glasses with a design that wraps around your head far more than a normal frame. 


    You can find wraparound glasses from top brands such as Oakley, PROGEAR, and Tommy Hilfiger.


    What are wraparound glasses?

    Wraparound glasses have a compact curved design that wraps around your face for better fit and stability. Wraparound glasses and sunglasses appear sporty because the frames bend around to provide a broader field of view. This style is generally preferred by athletes who rely on their peripheral vision for optimal performance. 


    Following the shape of your face, wraparound glasses eliminate any blind spots in your eyesight that a larger frame would cause. This, like sports sunglasses,  makes them great for outdoor activities where you need a wide field of vision to really enjoy yourself. 


    Wraparound glasses are a functional replacement for trendy glasses. And thanks to the great selection available at SmartBuyGlasses, you can enjoy both function and style.


    Can you get wraparound prescription glasses?

    Wraparound prescription glasses are normally the first choice for those who live an active lifestyle, despite the futuristic aesthetic that has caused a divide in the fashion world. Active people often find it frustrating when their glasses cause obstacles or hold them back. It can be beyond annoying to constantly have to stop mid-activity to push your glasses back into place. Not to mention, it is horrible to feel as though you are not performing at your best because of a lack of proper equipment. 


    With wraparound prescription glasses, you won't have to compromise on your performance or your vision. They allow you to confidently do all the fun activities you love without distraction from your glasses. Check out how our range of wraparound glasses can save your sports performance today!

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