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Black lens color Prada Sunglasses

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Black lens color Prada Sunglasses

Be contemporary. Feel vintage. Live luxury. Prada sunglasses are more than just an accessory, they're a statement about your identity. Enjoy perfect vision and great style with your own fabulous pair of iconic Prada glasses. If you’re not sure where to start, the Prada PR62XS sunglasses and these Prada PR14XS sunglasses are among our most popular sellers. We've got some recommendations of our own, though. Read on to get the key insights behind our top sellers and hand-picked favourites from the SmartBuyGlasses Ireland team.


Prada Sunglasses: Top Two Best-Sellers

  • These Prada PR08OS sunglasses are our best-selling sunnies from Prada, and it's not exactly hard to see why. These shades are the epitome of stylish Italian luxury; with huge gradient brown lenses, oversized tortoiseshell frames and classy Prada branding on the temples, these tick all the boxes when it comes to getting your hands on a gorgeous pair of luxury sunglasses.
  • These Prada PR01VS sunglasses are to cat-eye frames what the previous pair were to oversized ones. These are the quintessential cat-eye look - smooth, arching black frames, dark lenses and that signature singular cool of this heritage Italian brand. They're ever so popular, and for good reason too.


Prada Sunglasses: Our Team's Top Picks

  • Our team at SmartBuyGlasses Ireland is in LOVE with these Prada 03XS sunglasses. We'll walk you through why. To start, there are the frames. They're an elegant horn-rimmed square design, complete with a funky contrasting tortoiseshell pattern that really adds an extra kick. The lenses are beautiful, too; the gradient pink is an excellent pairing with the frames. And, if you'd forgotten these are Prada, it's subtly written on the temples - just that touch of understated luxury you're doubtless looking for in a pair of Prada sunnies.


Like the sound of those? Great! Scroll up and browse the rest of our Prada sunglasses selection today. SmartBuyGlasses: it's eyewear made easy.