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    Acetate Glasses

    The most durable material used in high-end plastic frames is acetate. Acetate is a wood pulp-derived plastic. In contrast to petroleum-based polymers, acetate glasses are environmentally friendly and renewable. When browsing for prescription glasses and deciding which material to purchase, you may notice that many frames are made of acetate.


    Are acetate glasses good?

    Acetate glasses are lighter than plastic frames and are frequently perceived as having greater quality. Because of their hypoallergenic properties, acetate glasses are a popular choice among those with sensitive skin. They are less prone to irritate your eye area than certain plastic or metal frames.


    Acetate glasses frames are unique for several reasons, one of which is that they contain colours and patterns embedded in the frame itself. Because of the production process, the unique designs are created without the use of paints or coatings.


    If you wear glasses all day, you need to be comfortable. Acetate is a lightweight material that is ideal for eyewear. Even if your spectacles are on your face all day, you won't feel uncomfortable wearing acetate glasses. You also won't have to bother to readjust your glasses repeatedly throughout the day.


    How to clean acetate glasses

    Frames feature many little parts, such as screws, springs and hinges, that can become clogged with sweat and oils from your face. Because the frame is continually in contact with your skin, cleaning the frames is essential for hygiene.


    Here is how you can clean your acetate glasses without damaging them:


    1. Rinse the frames in warm water. Apply a gentle soap to your frames.

    2. Gently rinse the frames under the warm water once more to wash off any residue from the spray.

    3. Carefully clean your frames' nose pads and earpieces with a damp cloth and just a drop of rubbing alcohol.

    Now that you know all the benefits of acetate frame glasses, why not try out our Virtual Try-On tool and see how you look in clear acetate glasses, round acetate glasses or any other style!

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