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    Clear frame glasses

    Classic yet modern, transparent but bold - clear frame glasses are a cool and trendy eyeglass option to add to your eyewear wardrobe. Easy to style according to your personal preference and the perfect unisex frame, the see-through frame glasses trend offers a smart and discreet way of making a fashion statement. Clear prescription glasses frames are an ideal accessory to soften and compliment any face shape, which is why they’re growing increasingly popular with fashion followers! 


    Are clear glasses frames in style?

    Over the past couple of years, fashion designers have been experimenting with clear colours in accessories, creating perspex-heeled shoes and see-through handbags to modernise an everyday look. Eyewear has followed suit, with clear glasses frames gaining traction and becoming a strong fashion accessory that adds a playful twist. 


    Transparent glasses are a step beyond traditional glasses frames, providing a minimalistic and classy approach to creating a style statement and we’re loving it just as much as celebrities! One reason they’re so popular is that they’re so easy to wear, great for both men and women and add some fun to your outfit.


    Do clear frame glasses look good everyone?

    If you’re wondering if clear glasses suit you, you’re in luck! See-through frame glasses are an extremely versatile approach to fashion glasses as their transparent nature allows them to adjust to any complexion. You can even use our Virtual Try-On tool which will recommend frame styles in line with your face shape if you aren't sure.


    We recommend oversized frames when buying transparent glasses: Larger see-through frame glasses will make your clear glasses easier to see from a distance, creating a more dramatic style statement.


    Do clear frame glasses make you look older?

    Clear prescription glasses frames are modern and trendy, giving you a distinctly youthful edge in your look. They also soften the face, so you appear younger and fresher. Having such a trendy frame sets you apart from the crowd and makes the wearer look young and fashionable. So what are you waiting for? Pick yours up today!