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    Oversized Glasses

    Oversized glasses are back in style. Retro trends have never looked so good,  and making a statement with your glasses is now easier than ever. Chunky, oversized frames are ideal for people who want to show off their lively personality with trendy prescription glasses. It is common to see famous people using oversized glasses to express their personality. With our great selection of oversized glasses, you can confidently do the same.


    What are considered oversized glasses?

    Oversized glasses have lenses and frames that are larger than the norm. Without a doubt, oversized glasses frames will help you stand out. They make a fashion statement that can be loud and brash, or slightly more subtle depending on the design you choose. 


    The exaggerated size of oversized glasses almost resembles a mask, which covers until above the eyebrows and past the cheekbones to make your appearance exciting. Adding bright colours to oversized glasses frames makes them shine even more, while simpler colours such as black frames present a more serious look.


    Are oversized glasses in fashion?

    Whether you go for cat-eye glasses, round glasses, or geometric glasses, selecting an oversized frame brings your look to the next level. Currently, oversized glasses frames are trendy and highly fashionable. Oversized glasses are popular among men and women of all ages, from young adults to practically every age group. The unconventional look of big frame glasses draws attention to your eyes. So, whether you're going for a laid-back style or something more casual, expect all eyes to be on you.


    How to pull off big glasses?

    The fact that "oversized" implies "too big", makes many people assume that oversized glasses will be too big for their face. However, oversized glasses frames should still fit your face correctly without the constant need to push them back up. In addition, you should get the right size for your face to avoid the bug-eyed look that oversized glasses can give. 

    When in doubt, use our Virtual Try-On tool to see which oversized glasses look big and bold, but not too big for your face!