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    Asian Fit Glasses



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    Asian Fit Glasses

    What are Asian Fit Glasses?

    Asian Fit Glasses are optical frames that are designed specifically for a face shape with a lower nose bridge, higher cheekbones and a wider face. They are not a frame of glasses reserved solely for Asians, but for anyone with a low nose bridge.

    For people with this king of face shape, this type of glasses frame will be far more comfortable. The frame design reduces pressure on the cheekbones and temples, and modified nose pads prevent the glasses from slipping. To accomplish this, Asian fit glasses frames will usually feature thicker or adjustable nose pads, a wider and flatter frame, a narrower yet more prominent nose bridge, and smaller lenses. The combination of the last two features ensures that the glasses sit higher up on the face, without resting on the cheeks.

    How to Tell if You Need Asian Fit Glasses

    Face Shape:

    Are your cheekbones high up on your face?

    Do you have a low nose bridge?

    Is your face width the same as your face length? 

    To find out, take a ruler and measure ear to ear, then forehead to chin. If the lengths are the same, Asian fit glasses are for you.

    Issues with standard glasses frames:

    Do your glasses often slide down your nose?

    Do your glasses frames rest on your cheeks? This can sometimes lead to cheek rash.

    When you laugh or smile, do your glasses shift position or move around?

    Do the lenses brush against your eyelashes?

    Do the frame arms put pressure on your temples?

    Do you find that your lenses often steam up?

    If you answer yes to most of these questions, it is well worth trialing a pair of Asian fit glasses frames. It is incredibly important that your glasses fit correctly. If the Asian fit prescription glasses do not sit properly on your face, the clarity of vision provided by your prescription lenses will be compromised. Awkwardly placed glasses can also lead to headaches and dizziness. One way to help avoid headaches is to add blue light filters to the lenses. 

    So how are the frames supposed to fit?

    First and foremost, your pupils should align with the centre of the optical lens. Knowing your pupillary distance can help ensure you get this right. See here to learn how to measure it. 

    Secondly, the frames should not rise higher than your eyebrows. 

    In addition, the frame width should be equal to the width of your face. This should create a balanced image. For further tips on how glasses should fit, see our size guide here

    The next thing to check, is how the weight is distributed on the bridge of your nose. The glasses should feel balanced, with the weight evenly distributed through the nose pads. If you feel the nose pads digging in at all, you may need to have them readjusted, or consider purchasing frames with a wider bridge. 

    Finally, you should be able to shake your head lightly without the glasses flying off your face. The temple arms should reach smoothly over your ears, and not press inwards on your temples or head. Remember to trial looking down to check for a secure fit, without the glasses sliding off.

    For even more details on Asian fit glasses, take a look at our helpful guide here.

    Now you know the basics, it’s time to shop! Here are some of the best recommended Asian fit glasses frames on our website.

    Best Asian Fit Glasses Brands

    OX8080 Oakley Crosslink Zero Asian Fit Glasses: this is the perfect pair of Asian fit glasses for the sporty among you. The nose pads have been enlarged to provide a better fit, but they remain discreet. The pads also feature a non-slip grip, so you can participate in a whole host of activities without them falling off. Additionally, the frame on these Oakley Asian fit prescription glasses is wonderfully lightweight, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing them! Plus, comfort is guaranteed, thanks to the wire material adjustable temples. This is the perfect pair of Oakley Asian fit glasses frames to look comfortably stylish, even while exercising.

    SmartBuy Collection Rudy Asian Fit 688: this full rim metal frame from the SmartBuy Collection is fantastically versatile. The glasses will pair well with any outfit, and the frame style will really suit those with an oval or round shaped face. Not only do they look good, but you can also relish in all day comfort, thanks to the larger nose pads and narrower nose bridge. If you are interested in seeing what they look like on you before you make your decision, head to our Virtual Try On feature here

    SmartBuy Collection Temple Blue-Light Block 790C: if you have a square or heart-shaped face, these pilot style glasses are made for you. They will beautifully balance out your features, and offer a classy look, suitable whether you’re in the office or the park. The specially designed nose pads make sure that the frames remain in place, and the gold rims and temples will bring an equilibrium to your wider face shape.

    SmartBuy Collection Mheis Asian Fit 936: these SmartBuy Collection frames are a show-stopping cat eye design. The Asian fit features mean that they will be comfortable for longer, and let you look just as fashionable. They are the perfect frames for anyone with a narrow chin and wide set temples.

    Gucci GG0409OK Asian Fit 001: for the best fashion statement with absolutely no slippage, this is the frame for you. The front of the frames are black acetate, which contrasts beautifully with the gold-coloured metal rim and bridge. These vintage inspired Gucci Asian frame glasses are great for making a bold entrance, with wonderfully subtle, yet luxuriously comfortable rubber nose pads. The compliments are sure to come flooding in the second you first start wearing these specs.

    Gucci GG0596OA Asian Fit 001: for designer Asian fit glasses, push the boat out with these ‘70s style oversized frames. The iconic vintage style recalls features from Gucci’s archives, with zebra stripes, enamel tones, an oval shape and metallic fork temples. This is the perfect pair of Gucci Asian fit glasses frames for anyone wanting to try something a little more out there. 

    Tom Ford FT0399F Asian Fit 056: these luxurious Tom Ford frames have specially designed temples that curve outwards to put your comfort first. A close second, however, is fashion. The tortoise shell frames will allow you to show off your exquisite taste in designer eyewear.

    Ray-Ban RB2140F Original Wayfarer Asian Fit 901/64 sunglasses: sun protection is important too! So here are some high end Ray-Ban Asian fit glasses, made especially for you. It is safe to say that Ray-Ban offers the world’s most iconic collection of sunglasses designs. It would be wrong not to include models for the wider face shape with lower nose bridge. We highly recommend the Wayfarer model, as you can really take advantage of the modifications they have made to the world renowned frame style. They have reduced the lens tilt to make sure the frames sit upright on your face. Additionally, the front of the frames have been flattened to make them look right and feel better. And finally, there are thicker nose pads, and longer and more curved temple arms. With such a brilliant pair of sunglasses available in the Asian fit style, why would you look anywhere else?

    Asian Fit Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses

    Here we offer the best prices, and we aren’t just saying that. We promise you a price match guarantee. You can also take advantage of our ever-increasing list of resources in the Optical Center and blog, for all the tips you need on eyecare and optical fashion. Plus, once you have placed an order with us, you get 100 days to return, and a generous 2 year warranty.