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    Butterfly Glasses

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    Butterfly Glasses

    Butterfly glasses were worn by some of history's most fashionable figures, so if you're looking for fashionable and flattering glasses, you've come to the perfect place. . At SmartBuyGlasses, we stock beautifully crafted butterfly glasses from all of the top designer brands in the eyewear industry. Browse and choose from recognisable names such as Tom Ford, Liu Jo, and Vogue Eyewear.


    Butterfly glasses were an instant success when they first appeared on the fashion scene in the early 1950s. Some stylists will say that the narrow shape of the frame's upper rims lifts the face, while others will tell you that it's just a fashion phenomenon bolstered by celebrities. In any case, retro butterfly glasses in all colours are a must-have accessory for any modern fashionista.


    What are butterfly glasses?

    Glasses with frames styled like two butterfly wings are known as butterfly glasses. Although the shapes and sizes of the frames vary, they all have one thing in common: they are somewhat smaller on the inside edge closest to your nose than they are on the outer edge. 


    Some have flat outside edges, while others have a little indent where the frames meet the temples to represent a split between a butterfly's top and bottom wings. Butterfly glasses are fairly similar to cat-eye glasses, which also have upper edges that angle outwards for a more striking look.


    What face shape do butterfly glasses suit?

    The curved frames of butterfly glasses help soften your features and softly frame your face. Butterfly glasses look best on square-shaped faces, but they also look great on oval and heart-shaped faces.

    Need some guidance to discover your face shape? Take a look at our face shape guide to see if butterfly glasses are for you!