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    Eco Glasses

    The majority of glasses on the market today are composed of plastic, low-cost metals and other non-biodegradable materials.


    However, now eco glasses are the top choice for anybody who is conscious of the environment and wants to do their part for the world by opting for a more sustainable option. You will find beautiful designs within our selection of eco glasses at affordable prices.


    What are eco glasses made of?

    Companies construct the majority of eco-friendly glasses from natural and biodegradable materials, so the environment breaks them down naturally after you throw them away. They don't end up in landfills or endanger the environment.


    Cellulose acetate is the most commonly used material to produce eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses. Natural fibres, such as cotton and wood pulp, make cellulose acetate, which creates a lightweight frame that comes in a variety of colours and shapes.


    Are glasses good for the environment?

    The markets have enticed people to buy more than they require because low-cost glasses are readily available. While prescription glasses offer people with vision problems the ultimate gift of good vision, they generally wind up in landfills after being thrown away. This merely adds to the already dire environmental situation that our world is in.


    To combat this, sustainable glasses are the best way for glasses wearers to be more aware of their impact and make a favourable decision. We also encourage you to donate your old glasses to give them another life and avoid the landfill


    Are wooden frames eco friendly?

    Eyeglasses made from wood are eco-friendly as long as the brand uses responsibly sourced materials, such as collections like Oh My Woodness!. Wooden eco-friendly frames do not need to go through the same processes as metal or plastic glasses, so they don’t the environment.

    Aside from being sustainable, wooden glasses frames have many other benefits. First, they are durable, which means with proper care, you can keep ahold of them for a long time. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the woods used in eyewear production, eco glasses made from wood are noticeably comfortable and ideal for extended periods of wear.

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